Plan for both

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Whether you are in isolation, lockdown, on the frontline, or sidelined, you will have good days and bad ones. Some days you’ll feel you are managing well, organised, and content. Other days you’ll feel like you are a failure, frustrated, and you’ll hate everyone’s social media posts about all the good times they are having.

This is normal. We should expect this rollercoaster. And for those of us still managing teams of people, we should expect it in them as well.

On our good days, be kind, generous and full of grace. Go out of your way to be this way. However, do not pretend the bad days or moments don’t happen. And when the bad days happen, know that it will pass. And don’t look at social media’s false view of the world, it will only make you descend into deeper darkness. If you can, get outside and move.

This isn’t going to be over tomorrow. But it will not last forever either. Plan for both.

Photo by Austin Neill


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