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‘Head of People Operations’

‘Chief Domestic Engineer’

‘Chief Operations Officer of Jones Inc.’

‘Chief Creative Officer’

‘Head of Health and Nutrition’

The list can go on. These are a few creative examples of titles people used to describe being a stay at home parent. Each of the titles provides insight into what a person does. It tells a story.

We can be creative with other roles too. Janitors become ‘Head of cleanliness departments’. Teachers ‘Chief Cat Herder’. And so on.

So when we call data analysis storyfinding, it takes on a different feel. It changes from a dry description to one of wonder. It can also help us shift from thinking and using data to prove a point or hypothesis to ‘listening’ to the data for the story(ies) it is telling us.

What story will you find today?

Photo by Luca Baggio


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