Waiting for permission

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Change, ICT4D |

waiting for permission

Or you could just start. Many of us wait for permission to start something new. We look for our superiors to give us the ok. Or seek some sort of policy or article to move ahead.

However, most change doesn’t happen that way. Permission, policies and the ‘oks’ tend to come after the change has begun. So what would happen if we acted if we had permission already or had been picked?

Many changes we want to make are small incremental changes. Over time they may grow into big changes, but we can start small. For example, I’ve written a lot about digital ethics committees. We can wait to create a formal committee and have it organisationally blessed. Or we can invite a few people who we know have something to offer and ask them to discuss our project. We can instigate the convening. We can call a meeting.

It’s rare that we need permission for that. Often ‘waiting for permission’ is just an excuse. A delay tactic. A form of hiding. It’s often a statement of fear. Fear of it not working. Fear of looking silly. And fear of reprimand or being an imposter. The fear is real and won’t disappear. However, we can learn to do the two-step with it.

So go on, what can you do today to bring the change you seek into reality? Who are the others you need to convene? What can you do differently.

Yes it’s scary. Do it anyway.

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