Who employs more…

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Ideas


Who employs more child psychologists and behaviour change experts – Disney or schools? McDonalds or international development organisations?

Who employs more data scientists – betting shops or news networks? Casinos or charities?

It tends to be the former not the latter. There tends to be all kinds of reasons for this, but also impact on society. It also means that betting shops and odds might give us more accurate predictions of election outcomes than news networks.

It’s also one of the reasons it’s sad that in public health emergencies like a pandemic governments rush to tech companies for a shiny toy solution but don’t ask for marketing help.

It can be challenging to see transferrable skills or to connect dots. However, it is made much easier when we are clear on the problem we trying to solve. Or when we view the world as a series of capabilities or solutions working for various purposes. Then we can connect the capability dots.

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