What if we flipped the script?

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Change

flip the script

Over the years the amount of information required for project reporting and monitoring has changed. Most donors want more not less. And often more details. In some cases, donors expect to be able to see the names and locations of the people their funding helped.

What if for all project donors, we required of them, what they require of the project? Details of how the money was earned, who it was from, and so on. What if those details were required to come along with the funding? Or presented to the people involved in the project? Not just a sticker with the name of the country or institution or foundation, but the details.

It feels odd, even uncomfortable just writing it. My guess is I’m not alone. Perhaps our uncomfortableness is something to think about.

Photo by Erik Mclean

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  1. Dan

    Well said Amos. 100% agree.


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