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It might just be the most underrated characteristics out there. Not attention seeking, death defying, self-aggrandising, but true courage. The type that is need to try things that might not work, to have uncomfortable conversations, to be a lone voice, to be clear and comfortable about who you are.

Today (and perhaps always), courage is needed in digital transformation, in politics, in local communities, in all social organisations, and in business. Courage to see and think beyond the next quarter, next election, next cycle and into the long now. Courage to think about possibility, about harm, about what might be.

But perhaps most of all, we need courage to acknowledge the status quo and do something different. Something healthier.

Courage is not a scarce resource. It is available to us all. And the more we practice it, the stronger it grows. And it is contagious. Start today, you’ll be glad you did.

Photo by Brett Jordan


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