We are all curators

by | May 16, 2021 | Change |


We are all curators. We just don’t know it. It is not part of our job description. And for most of us, it is not something we think about saying is a skill we have. And yet, we all do it. Everyday. We curate the curators. We go through the news sites we visit, our social media sites, the people we follow, the books, blogs and magazines we read, our emails, whatsapps, and so on and we curate. As we read, as we skim, as we interact with others, we curate pulling together the things we think are worthy of sharing. We tell the others ‘here read this,’ ‘watch this’.

We all curate. It is part of being human. And it is our curation that creates a diversity of perspective in our lives or maintains our status quo and our bias. When we change what we include in our curation, we change our perspective.

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