The Myth of Garage Startup

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Change |

garage startup

Patrick and John worked from their parents kitchen table. Steve started in his garage. We all know stories of people who have become ‘successful’ after starting from humble beginnings. We hear the success stories. Stories about ‘winners’. We don’t hear of all the others also starting from their garage or kitchen table, who did not succeed. However, just because we don’t hear them doesn’t make them any less real or true.

When we talk to other change makers, we tell and hear stories of success. ‘I did this and it worked well.’ The thing about change is that is never straight forward. There is no formula. Therefore the things we try and do not succeed with, can work in different context. Growing up I could tell a joke and no one would laugh. My brother could tell the exactly same one and people would be on the floor. He had a gift of timing and what to emphasise. The same goes for ideas about creating and embedding change.

There is the idea, the execution, and the context. Any one of the three can derail success. So talking with other change makers about your success and ‘failures’ can be inspirational. Garages and kitchens across the globe are littered with failures and successes. So, too, is the journey of every change maker. We choose what to share.

The choice is up to us.

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