Colour Blind

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colour blind

When presenting slides in powerpoint, you can turn on a setting to add subtitles as you speak. It captures when I am saying fairly well, but there is some hilarious mistakes. There are much better subtitle software I can buy but it costs a few hundred dollars. It’s a tax on being inclusive.

When choosing colours for my slides, I sometimes choose blue and green or other combinations that people with colour blindness can not distinguish. I try to remember to use some purple as I’ve learnt most people can see it. However, I am not aware of a setting I can turn on to alert me to potential problems for people with colour blindness. In the world of artificial intelligence, this would not be that hard to create.

Even if it did, I’m not sure we’d want to only use colours seen by everyone as we’d lose out on colour splendour. And yet, there must be a way to create a setting that could ‘annotate’ your screen if you do have colour blindness so you too can ‘see’ difference better.

But here’s the thing, being inclusive should not be taxed, it should be the default. As we listen to others, we should be able to turn on settings that give subtitles and point out colours. And the artificial intelligence should be top notch. Many video players like YouTube allow you to turn on subtitles and even translation, but I am not aware of good options for live presentations and people with colour blindness. And options that are free that the listener can switch on, not relying on the presenter.

If you are, please let me know. If not, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Photo by Ronald Cuyan


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