Types of Change

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Change

jigsaw puzzle

When we do jigsaw puzzles we rarely start with the sky or white spaces. Usually we start with the edges and specific parts of the picture – people, buildings, cars, etc. depending on the overall picture. We start with significant difference because we find it easier to notice. It is not that the sky pieces are not different, they have to be otherwise it wouldn’t matter what pieces go where. It is just that the difference to us is minimal in comparison to the others, so we leave them to the end.

We notice change in the same way. Rarely do we notice incremental change because it is slow and appears similar to before. But we do notice radical changes.

It’s not that one is more important than the other. Each type of change can have its place. All of the pieces are required for the puzzle to be completed. But we do tend to celebrate only radical change, which discounts the daily change we do.

Perhaps it’s time to notice both?

Photo by Ross Sneddon


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