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Another joy of my job is the random emails that I get – because I still get all the emails from my home base location while I am deployed, some of them appear rather funny.   One came in that had the title of the post – rather funny while sitting in Goma where the majority of the vehicles are the typical white landcruiser or some very old beat up junkyard bound beast.  Then there was the one – Tony the sandwich man is sick today, please get your lunch elsewhere.  Not that Tony comes to the Goma office ever anyways!  Or the countless emails about cars with lights on, non-registered cars in the parking lot, or the vending machine is broken.  All good for a smile while Goma as the things that are important in other places seem so far away when I am here.

In addition, I get to work with people of all kinds of backgrounds and varying levels of english, so there is much that gets lost in translation as well.  Yesterday I received a string of fun ones – first, I was told that I was intended to go this meeting – my whole purpose for being alive was to go to the meeting – finally I have my purpose in life!  Then, there was a note about the Poo-ed Fund, rather than the Pooled fund, and the latest greatest one was me getting called Headmaster Amos – not sure how that one happened, but one staff person wrote to another asking them to ask Headmaster Amos to review and approve some proposal. 

Who knows what today will bring….:)

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  1. Dan Zado

    How do I get to your website? I thought you had mentioned in addition to the blog you had a website?

    Thanks HM Amos




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