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It always takes a while – going from hell-ish places of absolute beauty, to concrete jungles full of wealth and paralysing choice.  I am amazed at life and the things I get to see.  Driving from the beauty of Goma, through the stunning Rwandan countryside, I get deposited in an airport to journey to another world.  Spending six hours in Nairobi airport (not recommended), where I witnessed some of the awe-inspiring creative opening ceremonies of the olympics, onwards to London. 

London, full of people as always, is a shocking difference to Goma.  And yet, there is heaven and hell here as well, just a different kind.  I am always struck by the advertising – telling us that we are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not at the right status, however if we buy a product things will be better.  Not that we buy into the propaganda…but what if they are right, perhaps I should give it a try and just try the product out….  Life is full of stories, justifications, but there is always hope, if we care to look. 

Heaven and hell – they exist all around us, with rays of hope creating bridges between the two.  Perhaps we need a bit more imangination to find the bridges… and faith to step out leaving the bankrupt promises behind us.  Yet, I think somehow we need each other as we can’t do it alone.  Perhaps, just perhaps, children play a vital role.  Perhaps, just perhaps, a little child will lead us.


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