Maybe you can save me?

by | Mar 11, 2009 | Uncategorized

i, preoccupied with my look, my status, my place in this world
you sit hairless, blood dripping from your eyes
violet lips plastered against the pasty white, not pink skin
a burn victim? a nuclear victim? a circus freak at oxford circus?
your eyes bore into me
burning your image on my being
but I give a condescending smile and walk by
got to catch the tube
things to do, people to see, and i walk by
with a false sense of importance in my calvin clein jacket
your still small voice drawing out my need to keep control
so i walk by
your hands turned stumps
complete the disgusting person before me
and i walk by
i cry out for someone to help
i cry out to god to save me, direct me, be real to me
and i walk by
not entertaining angels unaware
rejecting salvation
maybe you could have saved me

from myself


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