Haiti and the Army

by | Jan 18, 2010 | Uncategorized

i find it sad to see images of helicopters flying low over the ground with soldiers inside literally chucking food and supplies out the open bays while Haitians swarm around and fight for the items. i sit and shake my head; not at the Haitians but at the army. Delivery of aid in this manner is so old school, un-professional, and frankly just not appropriate. Delivery of aid doesn’t have to be done this way and aid agencies throughout the world no longer delivery of aid in this way unless it is the absolute last resort…and in haiti, it is not the last resort. Aid agencies are held accountable for how they deliver aid, shouldn’t the army be as well?

Delivery in this way this only increases the chaos and the number of people injured. Are there challenges in getting the aid to the people – you bet. Are people desperate for food and water – indeed. But let’s provide that aid in a way that upholds the dignity of the people not lessens it.


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