The Processing Power of the Mundane

by | Nov 17, 2018 | Ideas

For an introvert the quiet is heaven, but it can be hell as well.  Sometimes in our quiet, our minds run wild, we scream inside; the world around us may be quiet but it is far from calm.  While I need the quiet to function, I tend to find that complete quiet is unhelpful for processing information, ideas, problems.  Sometimes the quiet results in me spinning and even higher anxiety.

Strangely I find mundane jobs like hanging the laundry, washing the dishes, cutting the grass, running, etc. are significantly helpful in processing whatever is going on in my head.  There appears to be enough conscious ‘distraction’ in the task to allow my mind the space to unconsciously work on the challenges.

For me the mundane jobs have significant processing power, without them, I don’t function well.


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