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by | Dec 14, 2018 | Ideas, Learning

How do I get a job?  Have a degree? a Masters? a flashy CV?

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

One of the bare minimums is to actually read the job advert.  Recently, a job advert specifically stating a cover letter was required received 300 applications, 298 of which did not include a cover letter.  Which applications do think got read?

Our recruitment systems are broken, many are run by computers checking for specific requirements like a masters before the system lets a human see the application.  This communicates education is the most critical thing to have, so we go back to school, go into more debt.  Yet when we talk with many hiring managers, they are looking for people with experience, initiative, drive, team work, collaboration, etc. Most of these things are rarely taught in a Masters programme.   So you can go this route and get a degree from a top rated school.

Another way is to determine what organisation you want to work for, figure out who works there and what issues they work on.  Research the issues, write about them, volunteer in the sector, deeply immerse yourself in the issues and communicate with people in the organisation.  When that person is looking to hire someone, they may reach out to you, but also you can reach to them.  If they like the work you’ve done, the perspective you bring, they will likely ask the recruiter to look out for your application no matter if you have a Masters or not.


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