The 1% rule

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Change |

We often dream of change happening in an instant, overnight. We ‘dream big’, engage in ‘blue sky’ thinking, have visions of grandeur. Making the change reality, whether it’s organisational change or individual, is often hard work. It also be paralysing.

So what if instead of trying to change everything (or our team, organisation, etc.) today, we try to be 1% better today than yesterday? And then 1% better tomorrow than today and so on. 1% might ‘feel’ more achievable and if we consistently do it everyday for a year, this time next year we will be 37 times better than we are today. Looking back it might even feel like an overnight success!

The key obviously is consistency, but also defining ‘better’. Both are up to us.

Photo by Samuel Zeller


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