Turning 300 – What Writing Daily Taught Me

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Learning |

October 18, 2018 would have been my Mom’s 74th birthday and strangely that is the day I started writing a daily blog. That was 300 days ago. I never set out to start writing on her birthday and frankly only realised I did a few weeks ago. Mom died early, too early, in 2012, from cancer and I miss her deeply. So it was a nice surprise to realise her birthday was the start of my daily blog.

Writing daily was inspired by Seth, Bernadette and all the incredible folk at the Right Company. And while reaching 300 is a fantastic milestone for me, it is everything I have learn along the way.

Writing each day hasn’t always been easy, but it has become a habit that brings clarity to my thinking. It has become another way in which I explore the world, my experience of it, and what I think. There is a surprising amount of messiness in writing daily as I don’t always agree with myself or the ability to explore and ‘see’ different perspectives.

There is also an unexpected expectancy now about writing daily where I find myself switching from wondering if I will write tomorrow to wondering what tomorrow’s blogpost will be about. And then there are the interactions with you who read what I write; the interactions are pure joy.

And so thank you for being with me on this journey, for reading, for interacting. If you find anything I write helpful, please share it with others. I plan to keep writing, perhaps you might choose to do the same so we can celebrate your 300 too?

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  1. Jolande Koole

    Thanks Am9s for your writing. I am touched by the fact you started this on your mom’s birthday……
    For many years she and I were writing letters to each other. And I can tell you she was a wonderful writer; her letters mentioned a lot to me because of her style and chosen words.
    A wise and warm person that mother of you!

    • AmosD

      Thanks Jolande – yes, Mom was an amazing letter writer, I benefited from countless letters during my travels too 🙂


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