Ignoring your ‘gut’ instinct

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Change, Identity |

Going with our gut and doing the reasonable thing sound like the sensible way forward. And yet when we are seeking change, we often have to do something different.

Our ‘gut’ is the sense we have built up over time about what is ‘right’ for us. Being reasonable is similar. Both serve us well in many situations. They help us stay in ‘line’ with our social circles, our culture, our surroundings as these have all shaped our ‘gut’ and sense of ‘reasonable-ness’.

This is true of us, our teams, and even our communities.

There is often safety in our gut, no doubt, as it is the inbuilt instinct that keeps us who we are. It can even feel like our identity. This can be very powerful, but also unhelpful when we are seeking change. In change it can be still important to listen to our gut, but then choose to do differently.

There is a choice and it is up to us.

Photo by Anthony Tori


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