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by | Dec 25, 2019 | Identity |

So it’s Christmas, another year gone. And this time around another decade gone. 

It’s a good time of year, rather an acceptable time of year to reflect. A chance to remember how far we’ve come, how we’ve changed, the things we’ve learned. And it seems a bit extra special when we can reflect on a decade. 

My encouragement to all is that in our time of reflection we also think about those who helped us along the way.  Every year there are hundreds of folk who have helped me; each decade, thousands. Think about those who have helped you, nudged you, pushed you, wept with you. Think on them and then, perhaps, say thank you to them, one a day for 2020.

Our journey is never a solitude one even if it feels like it. We are more like a swarm of birds than the solitary eagle. And there is some beautiful about this fact. 

So thank you. Thank you for reading, for commenting. It’s been an incredible year. And the most amazing decade so far. 

Here’s to the next one and the next ten. 

Photo by James Wainscoat


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