Tribal Languages

by | May 30, 2020 | Change |

Veteran. Surfer. Humanitarian. Trans. Artist. Medic. Landscaper. Gay. Soccer-Mom. Runner. Gym-rat. Hockey-Mom. Reds Supporter. Vegan. Farmer. Chef. Dutch. Immigrant.

Tribes. When we slow down and listen closely to ourselves and others, we notice we use ‘tribal’ words all the time. These words are signals to ourselves and others. We remind ourselves we are part of a community and not alone. They are partly code words we use to signal to others which tribes we are a part of as we look for the others. Sometimes the words are subtle ‘in-crowd speak’ that only other tribe members ‘get’. And sometimes they are not words at all, but logos, handshakes, and so on.

We are all part of many tribes and each have their own culture. Being aware of this when we seek to create change is critical. Especially being aware that we all are part of multiple tribes is critical. One of the underlying fears in change is ‘what am I losing’ so as we communicate change the more we can emphasise connection, the better.

The other thing to remember is that you are also part of multiple tribes. Therefore the language you use is shaped by your tribal associations. And therefore if you want to connect with others, if you learn the language of their tribe you have a better chance of connecting.

It may feel simplistic but it is often overlooked.

Photo by Margarida CSilva


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