Dreams and Actions

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dreams and actions

‘Today is the tomorrow you were so worried about yesterday.’

Anthony Hopkins

Sometimes it’s worry, other times is dreaming. And sometimes it’s today and tomorrow, while other times it’s this year and next year. As 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins, it’s fair to say most of us are not sad 2020 is ending and have been dreaming of 2021 for a while now.

As humans we have the ability to dream, to imagine. And it is wonderful. One of the most beautiful and powerful aspects of being human. But it also can be a form of hiding.

We dream about change, about things being different – in our paid work, in our health, finances, relationships, hobbies, and so on. And we often add a few extra words which make all the difference. Our dreams often ‘start’ tomorrow or on Monday or in the new year or when COVID is over. Or when someone else does something first.

Change is inevitable. In our lives and in our workplaces. Change is inevitable, but rarely intentional. Intentionality is found in the day to day. In the here and now – in our habits and actions. Goals are often dreams.

Dreams inspire. Fuel our imagination. Give us life. And are desperately needed. Change happens in the moment, in the now. In our habits and daily actions. And everyday there is a step we can take toward our tomorrow. Not a leap, a jump, a bound, just a step, perhaps even a shuffle. Focus on habits, on the 1% rule, not the future transformation.

But here’s the thing. It is about now, right now, not an hour from now or this afternoon or in the morning. It’s about now. One small step or shuffle further than yesterday. Action breeds confidence and further action.

Change is inevitable, but rarely intentional. We can choose intentionality as the choice is up to us.

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