Convening Uniqueness

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Ideas, Learning

convening uniqueness

What is unique about your context? Truly unique. Sounds simple, but it tends not to be in reality. We often have difficulty answering it because in many ways we all want to be unique. We want to be special. But also we want an excuse.

Figuring out what in your context or work is unique and what is a common challenge shared by most working on your issue is critical for moving forward. For example, if you are developing a training programme you can signpost to other great material already available, created by others. And then you time, energy, and resources can be spent filling in the gaps, the unique parts. The parts that have a different angle because of the context or sector you work in. An NGO finance person can learn standard accounting, but might need a special course on grant accounting.

And maybe you find out your context isn’t unique and so you can use an already created training. You can choose to embrace that and focus your time and energy on connecting people, building a network, convening.

Uniqueness comes in different forms. Find yours and then do the work.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel


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