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While driving the kids to school, they often ask what the clicking noise is in the car when I turn the indicator (or signal) light on. Up is one way and down the other. And now they notice it on other cars. However, sometimes we see a car with its light stuck on where there is no where to turn. The kids find those cars the most fun.

Indicator lights are signals of intent. Not guarantees but good indications. They reduce accidents and improve traffic flow. But yes, they can be confusing when they are stuck on or when they don’t get used.

Signalling change can be similar. It allows others to prepare for it or to make changes themselves. However, just like with cars, signalling change is no guarantee it will happen. And it’s definitely confusing if our signals are stuck on.

Signalling is a tool in the change makers toolbox. Not to be used all the time, but when used appropriately it can help make the change smoother.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Nick Fewings


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