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template living

‘I was hoping I could just give them the template. Job done.’

Well no, this rarely works. Templates assume you know what you are doing and presupposes conversations have already occurred. And most templates need an element of customisation. If that work is complete, then yes, give the template and ‘job done.’ If not, then the work needs to begin.

Carpenters use templates all the time when they are doing repetitive tasks. Templates can help you cut the pieces of wood to the correct length each time. However, there is a still a skill needed in knowing how the pieces go together. But then again for some things IKEA has figured out how to enable anyone to put the pieces together.

Skilled carpenters use a combination of templates and knowledge to create products and masterpieces. Template contracts and agreements can be super useful only if we are clear on what we are agreeing to prior to using the template.

Templates mean some of the thinking has been done for you already. Some, not all.

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