A different kind of wonderful

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Change

old barn

Our house is an old barn. None of the walls are straight. In fact one corner both leans and twists quite significantly. The ‘oldness’ and ‘twisty-ness’ of the place is both a pain and beautiful. Nothing goes flush against a wall unless it is custom built to twist and turn with the walls. The floors are stunningly beautiful old flagstones, but not perfectly smooth or flat, therefore most furniture requires props under at least one leg. Renovating and extending this building is one surprise after the next requiring customised approaches to everything.

This is the opposite of the flat we lived in years ago. It was brand new, purpose built. Everything about it was smooth, straight, and level. Furniture went flush against walls and required no props to make it level on the floor. IKEA flat pack furniture sat nicely in place and we knew where all the utilities came into the flat. It too was wonderful. Just a different kind of wonderful. Renovating this flat came with no surprises.

Creating change within established organisations is both challenging and wonderful. But nothing fits straight out of the packaging. Templates and tools need to be altered to fit the culture and business processes. While building and creating new organisations, it is much easier to create the organisation the way you want, but it too comes with its own challenges and wonderfulness.

Being aware of the type of organisation you are wanting to create change in is critical. Getting it wrong leads to headaches for everyone.

Photo by Brandon Mowinkel


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