Portfolio Diversity

by | Feb 5, 2022 | Change, Ideas


Investors talk of the benefit of diversity in their portfolio. The idea being that by investing in different types of businesses and different types of financial instruments, your investments will be more stable. There will be less highs and lows because not all businesses grow and shrink at the same time. And by diversity they don’t mean investing in technology stocks only with some in Asia and some in North America. No, they mean having investments in technology, but also climate or infrastructure or banks or even government bonds and so on. The diversity mix looks different for everyone.

If you are considering a ‘portfolio career’, perhaps you can learn something from investing. A portfolio career isn’t about doing the same thing with different organisations. That’s being a freelancer with multiple customers. Diversity could look like being an author, a homesteader, and a youtube content creator. Or a teacher, an author, and a farmer. Or perhaps a change maker, a homesteader, and an investor.

Again, diversity is key. And the thing is that it is in the diversity that creativity thrives. The more diverse our focus areas are, the greater likelihood of cross pollination of ideas from one area to the other.

What’s your ‘mix’ look like?

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