Gods, Humans, and Flaws

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Identity |

gods, humans, and flaws

It is easy to put someone we admire on a pedastel. We do it with organisations too. We think about them in a god-like fashion, bestowing all manner of favour upon them. At the same time downgrade ourselves. While we think about the good things we see or know about those on our pedastels, we think negatively about ourselves.

And sometimes this bubble bursts dramatically with a scandal or some public outbrust. Other times we learn things slowly and see the other as a fellow human. We learn we are doing something they are not or ‘better’ than them. Whatever ‘better’ means. Or we learn they have the same struggles we do within their organisation.

This week I came across Warren Buffet’s website. It made me feel better about mine. But it also made me realise how his website is in keeping with who he is. He loving investing. He’s focused on it and little else. And just like he doesn’t have a fancy house, his website is as basic as can be. But it also reminds me he is human. Or when we learn of some other celebrity or leader we admire who struggles with dsylexia, depression, or something else that we might too, it makes them human.

When those we admire become more human again in our eyes, there is something weirdly inspiring about it. We see them as one of us, different, but human. And perhaps that helps us see, we can love ourselves – flaws and all – and continue to reach for the stars.

The choice is up to us.

Photo is a screenshot of Berkshire Hathaway’s website taken 1 April 2022


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