Sea Change

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sea change

Unlearning, like learning, requires patience, repetition, and lots of failed attempts. Just like we rarely learn something new on the first attempt, we don’t unlearn something on the first attempt either. And yet, too often we are (by ourselves or others) expected to.

Unlearning things like behaviours, processes, and wyas of thinking is additionally hard as these tend to be reinforced by the culture (family, team, community, organisation) in which we live. This is one of the reasons culture change is so difficult and long.

Sometimes significant policy change is enacted resulting in sweeping change. For example, no smoking in pubs resulted in a significant culture change overnight. This can happen in organisations too. However, this type of change is rare. And often this type of change often happens after small changes have creating an overstoppable sea change. The policy cements in.

So our job as change makers is to start the sea change. To start small, being consistent, and drip by drip by drip the tide changes. The hard bit is that we don’t know if the tide will change in the next day, month, or is decades away. Our job is create another drip in the change and, ideally, to bring the drips together.

Sea change (culture) happens one drip at time and then all at once.

Who do you need to connect with today?

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  1. Michael Kersten

    Nailed it with your first sentence again Amos
    Sea change (culture) happens one drip at time and then all at once.

    Who do you need to connect with today?
    Got a few people in mind lol

    I’m guessing you’ve adopted sane strategy as I have. Assume you draft as much content as possible and slowly drop them into your blog
    I use Siri to draft notes everytime something pops into my head. Notes folder currently has over 200 drafts. Maybe I’ll use 1% of them. It takes an insane a mount of discipline to not post all at once.
    I’m hustling now, so I don’t have to hustle 6 months from now. Don’t like interacting with these platforms at all. Their algorithms are intrusive and addictive to children. And I have charger cables strewn through out my condo.
    Exit strategy remains the same though. Just stop posting and throw devices in garbage. See what future brings
    Reading your book is on list for weekend
    Not sure if you get these comments, doesn’t really matter really.
    Just know that the change your are making in your circle is indicative of the person you were and are becoming.
    (Really exercising my last few brain cells)
    Old friend from across the pond


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