Keeping the ‘game’ going

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keeping the game going

The doors were very simple. Wooden slats with plastic wrapped around them and some salvaged hinges attaching them to an equally simple frame. The gaps between the frame and the ancient stone wall were stuffed with sheep’s wool. The wool was available in ample supply as they were sheep farmers.

‘It allowed us to keep going during COVID. It was our tractor shed before and our training room was over there. By doing a bit of sweeping and putting on a temporary door, we were able to keep offering training. That was nearly 3 years ago now.’

It was a simple solution. Never meant to be permanent, but it allowed my instructors to keep offering training. It allowed them to stay in the game.

Sometimes we need to think long term – seven generations ahead. Other times we need to think, not about the ideal, but about what keeps the ‘game’ going so we can continue to play. Simple solutions, using what is readily available to us, are often the best, but overlooked, options.

What decisions do you need to make to keep the ‘game’ going?

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