Being Scared

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Change |


It is normal to be scared. Scared that we do not know it all, what decisions to make, how to succeed, and so on. We start new projects, we try to change, but worry what if it fails? What if they laugh at me? Will I become unemployable? What if I mess up?

This true in homesteading (What if the pigs get out?) and true in change – what if no one engages? no one cares? And true is whatever work you are involved in.

And yes, the imposter is real, unless of course you are an imposter and then, well, it still is real because it’s you, you just don’t know it yet.

Being scared is normal. However, it should not stop us from moving ahead. Change makers engage in change and projects while being scared. It is part of our DNA.

And now it’s your turn. Sometimes the only way to not be scared is to do the thing we are scared of and realise that we are still alive on the other side of it.

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