Next Steps

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Change, Strategy |

next steps

Too often we keep our vision, our ideas, our dreams at a theory, policy, framework level. They are not connected with everyday life and so the ‘others’ cannot relate to them. The visions, ideas, dreams may be good, even amazing, but they don’t appear practical. Therefore, the response is often muted, quiet, or no response at all.

What is the problem I face regularly that your vision, idea, dream solves? And how do we get there? What are the tangible next steps that need to be and will be taken? And by whom? Tell me – I want to know. I need to know otherwise I won’t engage.

Sounds simple. Sounds like common sense. And yet, it’s very rare.

What can you do today to make it less rare?

Photo by Felipe Furtado

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