Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

by | May 23, 2023 | Strategy |

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My son hurt his foot on the weekend resulting in him hobbling around the house. And next week we are supposed to be in Wales climbing hills, which he has been looking forward to for months. However, this week he has cricket, PE, and other outdoor adventures. Trying to get him to rest this week so that he has the best chance of being pain free next week in Wales is an incredibly difficult conversation with a 9 year old.

But not just 9 years olds. Most of us and the organisations we work with struggle to embrace short term ‘pain’ or frustration for long term or future gain. And yet, it might just be one of the most important strategic questions of our day.

What do you need to pause or stop doing so your future is better or at least has the possibility of being better?

Short term pain for long term gain is cliché but also relevant.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain

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  1. Heather Van Boom

    Appreciating this post as I’m feeling burnt out after starting full-time work a few months ago. It’s a huge adjustment and I needed the reminder that other things definitely have to shift in order to accommodate. Thanks Amos!


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