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Worlds Apart

I went to two weddings in 2006 , at opposite ends of the earth, in cultures that know little of each other, all the while professing to know and be better than the other.  Each wedding expressed much of the people, their culture, their belief, and one made me weep. ...

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Climate Change

“All this talk about climate change, the environment, I don’t understand – isn’t the only thing that really is important, is that we get right with God?”   “Well, what does that mean?”   “Give your heart to Jesus, read the Bible, pray…”   “Hmmm, let’s say I borrow...

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A Matter of Perspective

A church going, God-fearing man is caught in a disaster – the waters are rising, rain is falling and the flood waters are approaching danger/evacuation levels.  The man kneels down, praying to God asking God to save him and his family, to protect them from harm.  ...

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