Birthdays and continents

by | Jul 6, 2008 | Uncategorized

How many continents have you celebrated your birthday on?  My friend’s question, made me sit back and think – not something you get asked everyday.  It’s one of those types of questions that makes me reflect.  The answer?  Africa is the 4th continent I have celebrated my birthday – yes, I am extremely fortunate.

My life is full.  I am blessed beyond belief with much.  From little things like clothes, the ability to taste, see, feel, hear, to other things like simply being alive, to having been in nearly 30 countries, to a family that loves and cares deeply about me, to friends – yes, I am fortunate.   I never want to gloss over the crap of life or the pain, for me that too has been a part of my life and often is all around me, yet I am blessed.


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