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by | Oct 26, 2008 | Uncategorized

What are you passionate about?  What could you spend hours late into the night talking about?  For some of us, these are easy questions to answer, for others, no clue.  Yet, when we are engaged in what we are passionate about, generally hours fly by and we are happy to be alive.  What happens then when we lose our passion or our motivation?  How do we get our mojo back as they say?  I don’t know.

I wonder though, if we actually do lose our passion, or is our passion something that is hard wired into us, and we can lose our connection with it, but it still exists.  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  In actuality, there are probably different levels of connection with our passion and lost-ness of it.  I also think that most likely our passion is deeply connected with what we believe, what our faith is in.  Not what we SAY we believe, but what we deep down do.  To me, that is a hugely important distinction.  What I say I believe might be one of the typical religious mantras, but if you examine my life, you might conclude by how I live, spend my time, my money and the things that I say that my faith is actually in myself or in money.  My passion is most likely connected then with myself or money, rather than the religious belief even though I may try to explain my passion in religious terms.

Wow!  that’s rather philosophical for a sunday morning – not sure exactly where that came from…but do you have any thoughts?


  1. Dan Zadorozny

    Hey Famous,
    Thanks for the Bday wish last week. On Passion. I really would love to be as philisophical about it as you so elequently (sp?) put it in your post but it is late (1130pm) and i have been up since 5am and i am not sure if i have ever been elequent. Love to be able to find my “mojo”…I think i lost it when i fell into the trap of having to provide for a family…not really a trap but a responisibility i guess. And I absolutely love that part of my life. See I know I did not sign up for my passion in life, I signed up for the thing that would give me a decent life, (my family included in the me). I know what my passion is, i can taste it, but it is a bad taste because i have built a life around me that i cant live it… and therefore I am only half of what i should be. I think there are many of us who are missing out and hopefully someone wakes us up. I dont think i would connect my faith to my passion, I had my passion before my faith so its tough to shake…keep smiling Famous.

  2. Bonnie

    I love the thought that we always have our passion, but can lose our connection with that passion. It speaks of how we disjoint our lives, and therefore do not fully live as fully human.
    Reading this makes me want to create.


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