Let’s talk about Haiti

by | Jan 16, 2010 | Development |

I have been watching the news, checking blogs, reading emails, skyping to understand what has happened in Haiti. no, i am not on my way there, i am staying in east africa for the moment, but it still deserves our attention. I visited Haiti in 2001 and will never forget some of the sites i saw and now the devastation and poverty is oh so much more apparent. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and often haitians pile into small boats and try to row themselves to the US with the hope of a better life. I’ll never forget seeing the line where the trees begin again, where the Domincan Republic begins, and being shocked at how distinct it was. And now, bodies line the streets creating other lines of distinction.

Join me in signing a petition for the cancellation of Haiti’s debt which hangs like a noose around its neck. It is one more way that we can help Haiti in this time. Go to:

For those of you that pray, check out the following blog post by Christine Sine, who I think nicely captures some prayer points.

life will go on, we will forget about Haiti, but perhaps in this moment, we can do something to help them in the long term, beyond giving money to aid agencies, let’s cancell their debt, let’s give them and the children a chance at more than living with shackle on their feet being told to run.


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