From the Blog on Haiti

a small connected world

so i sat walking home from the java house, when my blackberry messenger went off. a colleague had just travelled from santo domingo to haiti and was stranded at the airport...he couldn't get through to people in haiti, but could get through to me...weird. so i got...

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Ever wish you could help?

days have gone by, almost a week now, since the earthquake that devastated Haiti and today another aftershock...ever sit around at home seeing the images on tv, hearing the stories on the radio, and see more of everything on the internet and wish you could jump on a...

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Let’s talk about Haiti

I have been watching the news, checking blogs, reading emails, skyping to understand what has happened in Haiti. no, i am not on my way there, i am staying in east africa for the moment, but it still deserves our attention. I visited Haiti in 2001 and will never...

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