Running Business and marriage

by | Oct 14, 2018 | Change, Small Business |

Business and marriage, while sometimes definitely at odds with each other, have a number of similarities. Strange sentence perhaps, but not too strange if, like me, you view business as relationships.

Often the idea or early stages of the business are full of energy, desire, dreams and excitement – most things are new, different, interesting. Almost everything is sexy.

Recently, what I have been struck by is how, over time, it is the attention to the little things, both in a long-term relationship and in a business are critical to its health. The admin, the keeping a keen eye on finances, HR issues, always fine-tuning internal systems or routines, and of course communication. While these things are often viewed a not sexy and boring, they tend to make the business run. Many of these are the same for a marriage or long-term relationship.

This does not mean at all that there is no place for or need for desire, excitement, and dreams. To adapt an old saying – without a dreams, people, relationships and businesses perish. Yet dreams without action remain just that, dreams. The beauty of long-term relationships and businesses are that they are acting out of a dream. They are dreams made flesh – super exciting, super challenging. Without the day to day, the mundane, dreams and ideas don’t get built.

Attend to the mundane, make the excitement, celebrate. Repeat daily, weekly, monthly. Never take it for granted.


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