Endless Possibilities

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Change |

Just because we can doesn’t mean we must, we should, or we will.

We can choose to pass. Just because we can doesn’t mean it aligns with our ethics, our vision, or our capacity. When it becomes something we NEED to do, it’s important to be clear on our why.

If our only criteria for deciding to do something is whether or not there is an opportunity then we will become tired and burn out quickly.

Opportunities are endless, trying to do everything is rarely a good idea. Consciously choosing is a choice.

Trying to do everything is a form of giving the power of choice to others, trying to please everyone; the pressure is enormous and it’s a distraction. It’s a clever disguise of resistance, no not that type of resistance, this resistance. It is the easy way out.

Making a choice can be freeing, empowering. It’s a result of being clear on what you want and direction.

What choice are you going to make?

Photo by Andreas Weiland


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