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According to Webster, mentors are a trusted counsellors or guides; tutors or a coach. Often we think about this a someone we meet up with in person or on the phone. And usually there is some intentionality and regularity to it.

And yet, some of the most influential mentors in my life are people who are dead and people whom I have never met. Interestingly, the older I get the more true this is. For years now, not a day goes by without have interaction with Seth, Sue, Bernadette, or Monty. Because of this long term, intentional, regular, interaction, in many situations now, I feel like I know what they would say in the situation. The thing is, they don’t know it.

This is the magic of the time we live in. Most of us have access to books, podcasts, youtube videos, TED talks, journals, blogposts, and so on. We can engross ourselves in the wisdom of other. We can do it intentionally, regularly. And by doing so, we can learn, be mentored, and grow. The goal is not to become a clone; but rather to learn and become a fully version of ourselves.

The mentors are waiting, willing. We don’t have to wait to be picked, we can do the picking. It’s not a question of if it’s possible because it is. The choice is up to us.

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