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time availability

Beyond answering what problem/pain/frustration are you solving. Two key questions to consider.

Who’s it for?

Your product, idea, service, innovation? No generic answers like everyone or moms or NGO staff. Be specific.

What’s their time availability?

Some audiences will have time for and expect in depth, complex, academic lecture style articles or interviews. Others have 5-10 minutes and seek to be provoked and for a practical action. Others are completely different.

We tend not to get specific enough in answering the first question and forget to ask the second. Interestingly, we also tend to forgo creative answers.

We take university lectures and reproduce the same when we go virtual. We could rethink them. Take one lecture and break it into 2 or 3 or 15 segments. Each segment building on the other, but dealing with a specific part of the theory or a specific step. All the time making it easier for our students to ‘see’ the structure but also re-listen to the parts they find hard. And yes, the segments could be a playlist so the lecture could be listened to as a whole if desired. Somewhat similar to an album and its songs on Spotify.

Podcasts could be the same or they could be radio shows or something different altogether.

The thing is, when you know your audience and how your thing needs to fit into their lives. You can be creative. And no, this doesn’t mean ‘watering down’ your content. It means caring for your audience enough to think about how they will consume it.

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