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Mohammad ali

This week I’m trying something different. There will be a series of guest blogposts every other day from a good friend doing amazing work. I met Mo through Seth Godin’s Akimbo workshops – two aid workers in marketing workshops. Odd, but also instant connection. We’ve never met in person, but every time we talk I’m left pondering for over a week. Today is Mo.

I’m not going to give you a biography behind a list of leaders – you can Google their backgrounds – but focus on the personal sentiments they instil in me.

Nelson Mandela – watching on TV, as a child, his release from prison. Feeling the joy in the room from my family, and being excited by seeing the family excited. Not fully realising the implications, but knowing it was a big moment – a legacy. Learning about the respect my parents had for him, without being from his era – and then experiencing the confidence he has created globally.

Muhammad Ali – knowing the power of his name in Islam and getting to know his resistance to the status quo. Learning his phrases, but then learning about his depth and passion. When I found out more about him making mistakes (as no one is perfect), and how he learnt from his mistakes, and still pushed forward his views on making change happen. He will always be more than just a sportsman.

Valerie Amos – When she came into the UK cabinet, finding out that she was the first BAME cabinet minister and being surprised at the year such a statement was made – now, surely there were more before her? Proud of her, disappointed of us. One of many firsts for her. Seeing her not just as a politician, a humanitarian, but also a great guest on Test Match Special – a joy to hear her talk about the work of humanitarians.   

Who are the leaders of colour you admire, and what thoughts do they instil in you?

How has their leadership affected your values or how you act?

Mo is one of the hosts of The Innovation, which helps people grow their mindset to make change happen. He also facilitates two workshops called Unleashing your inner leader and Anti-racism essentials.

Photo by Roman Skrypnyk


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