Curiousity Saved the Cat

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Change, Ideas |


You’ve heard it said, ‘curiousity killed the cat’, but I say it saved her. Curiousity requires courage, a questioning mind, and openness to learning new things. Without it, it is hard to thrive in life. Children might just be the most curious people alive. Our kids regularly seek out new information and ask why continually. And yet, as they attend school I see this decreasing. We seem to be educating it out of them.

And yet, many organisations actively seek curious people to hire. Not all organisations, some seek the industrial factory worker who will do as he is told. But those seeking to transform, seek the curious.

Not all curiousity leads to change, breakthroughs, or radical innovation. Most of it just keeps life interesting. And most of it improves our understanding of the world and how things work. It is often the long term curious that see patterns or connections across spaces.

And none of us are curious in the same way. We are curious about different things and approach asking why differently. But there is often great delight when we find other curious people.

Be curious and find the others.

Photo by Shantanu Pacharkar


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