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‘Whole grain is our main ingredient’

‘Vegan Friendly’

‘Gluten Free’


‘This year’s Christmas must-haves’

These are a few of the advertising slogans that greet me as I look around the house. These are the phrases various product teams have decided to be the most important. The phrases they want us to see and remember. These are the phrases they hope will provoke different types of action.

And what about you? What phrases would you use to either describe yourself, promote your work, to provoke the change you wish to see? This may feel uncomfortable. Perhaps even inappropriate to some. But perhaps it will help you focus.

Slogans don’t sell products. But they remind us of them and invoke feelings and memories (hopefully positive ones). Slogans are simple. The Shreddies box lists all the ingredients in the small print on the side panel, but it’s slogan on the front in bold only talks of whole wheat.

So what’s your slogan for this season in your life? This year? For your team? For the change you wish to see?

Photo by Markus Spiske


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