The ‘Others’

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the others

Define your purpose. Make sure everyone is aligned to the purpose. Cast your vision. Create an organisational structure to realise your vision and purpose. Have team goals, burning bridges, and a lovely flow chart.

We all know, have heard, and likely have promoted the rhetoric. And at the same time are frustrated by it. Most of us are not the CEO of our companies or organisations. Most of us are also not entrepreneurs. We exist elsewhere in org charts, life charts, and ‘what are we doing with our lives’ charts. And we don’t want to be CEOs or a cog in an organisational wheel nor freelance.

And yet, we seek change. We seek to influence and make a difference in our little (or big) part of the world.

It is not easy to know how to do this. But the first step is often ‘find the others’. Not so much others that think like you, but others who are interested in change too. Others in your part of the world or in a completely different part. But also others who can ‘see’ you and you can ‘see’ them. Others who can remind you that you are not crazy, but rather human.

And yes, finding the others isn’t always easy. And certainly is not instantaneous. Finding the others requires sharing your ideas, which requires you to put yourself out there. Often finding the others results in rejection too. And yet, not everyone is your ‘others’. If they were, you’d already have found them.

Change requires action. Finding the others it part of it.

The choice is up to us.

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