The ‘Right’ One

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Ideas, Learning |

The right one?

There is something about growing up which teaching us that there one ‘right’ answer. Perhaps it’s the tests 2+2=4 or that when you put two hydrogen atoms together an oxygen atom, you get water. But it not just math and science, we get graded on our understanding of stories, our art, our ability to run, jump, and so on. On top of this most religions and families have behaviour codes of right and wrong.

For of us, this results in decision making challenges of all sorts. There is one ‘right’ university to attend, there is one ‘right’ type of flooring or kitchen cabinets for a house, there is one ‘right’ job to do or way to do it. And this becomes paralysing because our world presents us with 100 types of white paint, not to mention the number of digital solutions available.

The challenge for us all is that in most decisions in life, there are multiple good options that are ‘right’. Often decisions become the ‘right’ one after being made not before.

Photo by Andrea De Santis


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