Lesser Goals

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Change |

lesser goals

Do you ever have it that when you are attempting to do a hard task or a task that you find unpleasant that suddenly you ‘need’ to do lots of other jobs? Benjamin Hardy in his books, articles, and videos calls this ‘being distracted by lesser goals’.

It happens all the time. To all of us.

In various forms of meditation, we are taught not to fight the distraction, but to acknowledge it and let it go. To not give it power. This is easier said than done.

However, when we are seeking change, it is a skill we must learn. Change is full of distractions. Full of hard tasks, uncomfortable conversations, unpleasant tasks, and therefore lesser goals flourish. Part of our task as change makers is to observe and be present. Our job is to identify what is distracting us and our teams, but also to know what is a distraction and what is not.

Distractions, rabbit holes, lesser goals can look like an easier path. Bust just because it is easier, doesn’t mean it is the correct one. Hard things are hard because they are hard. If the sIgnificant change you seek was easy, it likely would have already be done.

Perhaps today is the day to spend time with your team asking if you are chasing lesser goals?

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