Culture Stories

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Culture Stories

All the communities, teams, groups we are a part of teach us how to do ‘things’. Some of these ‘things’ are skills, behaviours, ways of thinking, and ways of being. Some of these ‘things’ are basic survival skills (i.e. most of us learn how to speak, eat, walk at a young age). While others are more group survival skills (i.e. how to fit in). Often we call this culture or in the words of Seth, ‘people like us, do things like this.’

Some of these ‘things’ are more useful than others.

As a child we often only know ‘one way’ and don’t conceive of options. As we are exposed to other families, communities, teams, and so on we tend to either question ‘our way’ or we ‘close rank’ on the other. This exposure happens at many different stages of our lives. We tend to think about this happening as teenagers, which it does, but it happens much more frequently.

Change makers are inherently challengers of culture. And just like we often change through exposure, change makers help change culture through stories about other ways of being, doing, and operating. Stories help change culture because they enable people themselves to reconsider what they believe to be possible.

Change is both a push and a pull – we change ourselves and are changed by what we experience. The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we are told are that push and pull.

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  1. Toebs

    people like us, do things like this.’
    Also “change is not only possible, it’s absolutely necessary”
    Jordan Peterson
    Take care


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