How to Start

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how to start

Often starting is the hardest bit. We are paralysed by thinking there is a ‘right’ way to begin. There isn’t. It’s the starting that is important. Another way we paralyse ourselves is in thinking it needs to be perfect. Almost nothing is ‘perfect’ – everything can be improved upon. Editing, revising, improving, redoing are always possible, but they require something to ‘work with’.

So how can we start?

Yes, it depends a bit on what you are wanting to start, but here are a few ideas.

  1. Most things we can start in the middle or even the end. Begin where you can and then find your way.
  2. Try 30 minutes a day for 30 days and see where that takes you
  3. If ‘writing’ is holding you back, have a zoom call with yourself where you speak out your ideas, then download the transcript and voilà you have a start. Edit heavily.
  4. Find a friend, colleague who can join you. Or call or message them each day with your progress. Or ‘start’ together at the same time, just in different locations – this could be on zoom or again through messaging.
  5. Change the language in your head from ‘I want to write or be a writer’ to ‘I am a writer’.
  6. If the dream is to be a runner, but you can’t get off the sofa, focus on ‘moving’ each day rather than running. Start small with any movement, then work up to ‘running’. Build momentum.

If none of these resonate with you, a quick internet search will give you thousands of other ideas. The most important thing is to try some. Today. Not tomorrow, but today.

Stop reading this post and begin.

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